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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

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Why Should You Go for Minimally Invasive Orthopedic Surgery?

Orthopedic specialists are physicians who deal with all the bones and muscle related problems of a human body. People often think of orthopedics as the people who fix your fractures and ligaments. This is totally wrong. Orthopedics physicians specialize in making sure that all the muscles and bones in your body remain in perfect shape. They can assist you by offering some tips on how to strengthen your bones and muscles. They can also recommend some diets and exercises to keep your bones and muscles stronger. In most cases people seek orthopedics to head a surgery of any muscles or joints that are giving them pain.

If you are also seeking a good orthopedic surgeon to fix your bones or muscles in minimal time and in a painless manner then you should learn all about the Benefits From Minimally invasive Orthopedic Surgery. This surgery can help in correcting rotator cuff repairs, joint reconstruction, hand, wrist, hip, knee, half knee and shoulder related issues or ankle joint replacements and even spinal disorders. So it can be seen that most of the orthopedic problems are corrected by using this surgery. If you are dealing with any of these orthopedic problems, you should discuss the option of minimally invasive orthopedic surgery with your physician.

Some of the key Benefits From Minimally invasive Orthopedic Surgery are listed over here:
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimal incisions: One of the major advantages of going in for this surgery would be that it would include least number of incisions on your body. Due to less number of incisions the surgery would be less complicated. It would also be finished within a few hours time. This way you as a patient can be at peace by knowing that you would have the best possible surgical treatment that would be over in a few hours. This knowledge would give you confidence in the procedure and you would be less scared by it. The less scared you would be during the surgery, the better would be the chance of success. 

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Less Recovery Time: Another cool feature of this surgery is that it allows you to recover fast. This way you will be spending less time in a hospital. You would also get the opportunity to return to your pervious lifestyle within a few days time. It would also be good from the financial aspect because you’ll be able to carry on with your work life within a few days and thus would not waste much time in sitting on a bed. If your physician backs you, you can even return to playing your favorite sports within a few weeks time. All in all this surgery would not allow your orthopedic condition to change your lifestyle for a long period of time.

Replacement of damaged parts: In the earlier surgical procedures, the damaged parts of your body were only fused surgically. But now the damaged parts of your body can be replaced with new parts in no time. This is usually done in minimally invasive orthopedic surgery. This benefit of minimally invasive orthopedic surgery would allow you to move your body parts in a perfect manner without any discomfort. You will not feel that a foreign object is planted in your body and you will be able to function as you did before the surgery.

Back Pain

Fewer complications: The best one among many Benefits From Minimally invasive Orthopedic Surgery is that you would not have to deal with many complications. For example: You will not have to bear a lot of post surgical pain which was a common phenomenon before the minimally invasive orthopedic surgery was invented. Another complication that was generally present after other surgical procedures was that the patient complained of pain in the surrounding areas also. But with the minimally invasive orthopedic surgery this will not happen. You will have only minimal pain in the area where the surgery is done and that too would fade away within a few days time.

Minimal Scarring: Scarring is one of the worst fear of a patient who is about to undergo a surgery. A scar on the body of the patient not only looks bad on the smooth skin of the patient, it can also hamper the self esteem of the patients. Most of the patients have admitted to the fact that they do not like it when anyone asks about the details of the scar. They often feel embarrassed and humiliated that the scar is noticed by others. Some patients also feel that the bigger the length of the scar, the more difficult it is for them to conceal it.
If you also have the same doubts regarding scarring of your body, then you should know that the most excellent one among Benefits From Minimally invasive Orthopedic Surgery is that you will have minimal scarring. In the former surgical procedures the patients had scars of 20-25 centimeters in length. But now it is barely 10 centimeters long. You can easily buy a concealer from a store near you to hide the scar when you are attending a social gathering.

Less swelling: Another benefit of this surgical procedure is that you will have less post surgical swelling. This would allow you to move on your own even after a few hours after the surgery rather than being dependent on others. You would also be saved from taking a lot of medicines to reduce this swelling. You can just take simple painkillers and put ice packs on the affected area in consultation with your physician. You can also start your routine life within a few days as you will barely notice the pain and swelling then.

So, it can be seen that minimally invasive orthopedic surgery is one of the most advanced surgical procedures that makes life a little easy for the patient. Unfortunately all the people suffering from one orthopedic problem or the other cannot go in for this surgery. Only a specialized orthopedic can decide whether you are eligible for this surgery or not. You must consult your orthopedic specialist before deciding to opt for this surgical procedure.

Still not convinced to have a Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

From a financial standpoint, minimally invasive spinal surgery soars about traditional open back surgery. By cutting out hospital stay, minimizing physical therapy and reducing healing time, our patients save money and time. Want more information?
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Remember, back surgery is a big step in your life, but you need not face it alone.