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The human vertebral disc is a unique structure in the spine that bears weight and allows motion. It is made of a central portion (the nucleus pulposus) which is surrounded by layers of tissue (the annulus fibrosis). The disc helps the spine support the body and allows movement between vertebra. With injury or age, these discs can become damaged, and the supporting ligaments surrounding them weaken. One of the reasons we lose height as we age is that the intervertebral discs lose their water content. This leads to shrinkage of the disc and, as a result, height diminishes.

When performing a discogram, a needle is inserted into the disc and a contrast dye is injected. This extra fluid in the disc increases the pressure in the disc. Patients with an injured disc may then experience pain that can mimic the pain they have been experiencing. The intensity of the pain is recorded on a 0-10 scale. Based upon this information, the diagnosis of a particular disc injury can be made. The doctor can then determine what the optimal treatment options are for relief of the underlying pain.

We examine you for allergies to dye, an active infection or a local infection at the site to be injected, Considering Psychological factors is one of the key aspects that we factor while checking your readiness for the procedure.

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