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Currently one of the most advanced and successful treatments for neck pain (cervicalgia) caused by a herniated disc is to perform an artificial disc replacement in affected area of the neck. Normal neck motion is a common result of a successful disc replacement. Artificial disc replacements represent the ultimate in advanced treatment for the repair of a herniated disc.

Want to stop neck and shoulder pain?

If you want to stop your neck pain, shoulder pain, and stinging pains down your arm, the most common alternative procedure is a neck fusion. This is utilized by most spine surgeons. The procedure locks your neck stiff. The neck is fitted with a spacer but screws and a plate are also used to prevent movement. The hardware locks the patient's neck in position so it can’t move. This causes you to lose valuable neck motion.

While neck fusion is very effective in fixing problems associated with a herniated disc or posterior osteophytes, the procedure can create a new problem (adjacent segment disease). Adjacent segment disease can occur once a patient's neck is fused. The neck has only so many motion segments. When neck motion in one area is removed (as in a neck fusion) the remaining vertebrae must move more and work harder than was originally intended. This can cause the bony structure to prematurely wear out.

Don't fuse your neck - Let our Professionals fix it!

Premature adjacent segment wear after a neck fusion is a common problem. It can cause the need to repeat the original surgery at another level. Artificial Disc Replacement prevents that occurrence. Therefore only one surgery is required. If we imagine an 18 wheeler truck, then take that truck and remove 2 or 3 wheels: the truck still runs, but the remaining tires and wheels take more stress, more wear. This is the same thing that can happen following a neck fusion.

At Ultimed HealthCare PC, our surgeons recommend an artificial cervical disc replacement. Artificial disc replacement requires no post-operative bracing and the surgical procedure allows immediate neck motion and potentially an earlier return to work and normal activities. our Doctors commonly performs disc replacement surgery as an outpatient procedure. So, you are set to go home the same day.

No one wants a fused knee, so why fuse your neck? Ultimed HealthCare PC is one of the leading centers in the world for successfully performing artificial disc replacements. Our doctors have been performing this surgery for over 10 years and are happy to answer your questions and concerns about any procedure.

Are there any reasons why I may not get an artificial disc replacement?

Most herniated discs can be fixed with an artificial disc replacement and most bone spurs as well. If your doctor does not know how to do an artificial disc replacement, you will likely be talked into a fusion. Extensive kyphotic deformity can prevent artificial disc replacement. Also, the presence of an infection in your neck, discitis, or osteomyelitis would be contraindicated. To schedule a FREE MRI EVALUATION at Ultimed HealthCare PC, fill out our convenient online form or call us today at 732.972.1267.

FAQs - Artificial Disc Replacement

Are artificial disc replacements (ADR) FDA approved?

How do I find a spine surgeon experienced in artificial disc replacement?
Our surgeons are extremely experienced in performing an artificial disc replacement. In fact Ultimed HealthCare PC have leading surgeons in the United States at performing artificial disc replacement. Our experience has spanned over ten years and our success rate is over 95%.

Are ADRs successful?
Yes, studies show they have equal or greater long term success than a neck fusion.

Do insurance companies pay for an ADR?
Yes, most insurance carriers will but some require special approval.