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Three steps in American Football that will keep you safe.

American Football

As one of the most dangerous contact sports, American Football is infamous for its injuries. Needless to say, the fear of injury does not stop us from participating in America’s favorite pastime. Thus, our specialists here at Ultimed HealthCare PC, have come up with the A, B and C’s of staying safe.

A – Is for alignment. Remember, most injuries occur when the spine’s alignment has been compromised. This can result from a deep contraction or flexion of any part of the posterior chain. A neutral spine, is a safe spine.

– Is for breathing. Although this may seem like a no-brainer, breathing ensures that your muscles are getting the proper oxygen during vigorous exertion, which prevents muscle spams and other compromising reactions.

C – Is for collision. Although the nature of football requires collisions, make sure that you are avoiding spearing or any head-on contact that may expose your cervical spine to injury.

ABC in football

Next time you hit the field, recall your A, B and C’s, but remember if you do receive an injury our orthopedic specialists and our minimally invasive surgery specialists, have you covered. Questions? Speak with our professionals or schedule your free MRI review with Ultimed HealthCare PC.